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I think that is very true. Speaking as an English teacher who up until very recently hated the mere thought of anal sex, I do recommend English teachers try it if they have even the slightest bit of interest.

Until about six months ago, I was adamantly opposed to it. I had anal sex in the past and hated it. Every. Single. Minute. Of It. After trying it again with a ex-boyfriend, I realized that my past partners were the problem rather than anal sex.

My ever so patient and understanding ex-boyfriend was open to exploring it with me. First he used fingers. Then I told him I was ready for his cock.

The keys for me enjoying it were a.using a ridiculous amount of lube and b. for him to go very, very slowly.

The result was erotic and earth shattering anal sex a few times with him and now a few times with my current boyfriend. I actually had to talk my current boyfriend into it. I have found the pleasure brought to me during anal equals or surpasses any of my other sexual experiences.

Of course, there's the filth factor - I love hearing my boyfriend tell me he's going to fuck my ass, begging him to fuck my ass, begging him to cum inside my ass and feeling my ass filled with warm cum.

It's more than that though. I love knowing that I completely giving my self and my body to my boyfriend when I allow his big cock to quickly slide in my ass and slowly thrust in and out. For me, anal sex is an act derived from love, tenderness and deep emotional closeness.